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The grupocimd.com website is owned by CORRETAJE E INFORMACIÓN MONETARIA Y DE DIVISAS, S.A. (hereinafter “CIMD, S.A.”) with registered address at Príncipe de Vergara, 131, Planta 3, Madrid and holder of Tax No.: A-28923662, which was incorporated on 13 April 1984 before the Madrid Notary Public Miguel Mestanza Fragero under No. 1,516 of his protocol and entered in Madrid Companies Register, Volume 1,467 Book 0 Folio 96 Section 8ª Sheet M-27242 Entry 18.

CIMD, S.A. is the parent company of CIMD Group, the main independent brokerage, consultancy, securitisation and financial and energy markets management Group in southern Europe, with over 35 years’ experience.

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CIMD, S.A. can grant access to third parties on the website through links. In this regard, CIMD, S.A. accepts no liability for websites belonging to or managed by third parties, except in those cases where it was effectively aware of the unlawfulness in question or the harm to property and breach of third-party rights and failed to disable the link.

In consequence, we hereby advise users to carefully read the Disclaimers, Privacy Policies, and any other information made available on such pages when they are using the aforementioned links to third parties, given that CIMD, S.A. is not aware of such information, and, consequently, cannot be held liable for the content or services on them or for any damage that CIMD, S.A. is not directly accountable for (as per the limits laid down in the current Information Society Services Act).

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Liabilities, Exclusions and Guarantees

  1. CIMD, S.A. accepts no liabilities for interruptions to website access and, therefore, for the service provided over it, and in general for any inconvenience to users owing to causes beyond the control of CIMD, S.A. and/or because of cases of force majeure, including, inter alia, for these purposes, causes that may arise from failures in the services provided by third parties through the website, user actions in breach of the terms and conditions of this Disclaimer, failures in operators that provide access to the Internet or other operations, attacks on the security or integrity of the IT system, etc.

Accordingly, CIMD, S.A. does not guarantee the continuity and full availability of the website services. In any case, it reserves the right to suspend, interrupt or no longer provide the service, either temporally or definitively, at any given moment in time and without prior notice should it consider it necessary for technical or security reasons, or should it for any other reason believe such an action to be justified, with the user hereby waiving any right to file a claim on account of these circumstances and relieving it from any liability that may arise thereof.

In no case whatsoever, no matter what the cause, does CIMD, S.A. accept liability for any direct or indirect damages, consequential damages or loss of profit that such interruptions may cause.

CIMD, S.A. hereby informs users that it shall use all the technical and human resources at its disposal and shall make the requisite and necessary efforts as soon as it detects any incidents, or is notified by third parties about such incidents, in order to avoid and, where appropriate, remedy or eliminate them as soon as possible.

  1. CIMD, S.A. has obtained the information and materials posted on the website from what are considered to be reliable resources. Accordingly, CIMD, S.A. does not guarantee users that the aforementioned information and materials they have accessed on the website are accurate, complete and/or updated. Neither does it guarantee the reliability of the content provided or offered by third parties or entities. CIMD, S.A. expressly disclaims any liability for errors or omissions in the information contained on the website. Consequently, website information should be taken as merely informative and non-binding.

CIMD, S.A. reserves the right to change the structure, presentation, configuration and location of the website, links, or information obtained from it at any given moment and without the need to give prior notice.

  1. CIMD, S.A. accepts no liability for the use, whether fraudulent or otherwise, of the website or any of its content, data and information that may be made by the user or third parties for particular ends. Neither does it accept any liability for the consequences that might arise from existing errors, omissions or inaccuracies, or the opinions expressed on the website or through any other medium. Accordingly, users are accountable for the use given to any information they send.
  2. CIMD, S.A. does not accept liability for damages, whether direct or indirect, that might involve claims or costs related to the use of the website, its content, its data and its information, including damages to IT systems, the entry of viruses or the installation of programmes. CIMD, S.A. hereby informs users that, even though it has the technological architecture, sufficient and appropriate measures and protection in place, and, furthermore, that it uses programmes to detect and/or eliminate viruses, it cannot control or ensure the absence of computer or programme viruses in the services provided over the website with complete certainty.
  3. CIMD, S.A. accepts no liability for any loss, damage or harm that may be caused from unauthorised third parties accessing the information available on the website.
  4. CIMD, S.A. accepts no liability arising from the connection, the contents or the services available on linked sites to which reference is made on the website or for the functioning or links on the pages of third parties with respect to it. CIMD, S.A. hereby informs users that the links made available have been tested beforehand and are provided on the premise that they meet current legal requirements. Notwithstanding, CIMD S.A. does not accept any liability whatsoever in this regard, nor does it approve or own the content of the aforementioned links. Users are hereby informed that the use of the connection and its content, whether directly, or by any link or other means, is made at users’ sole discretion and that CIMD, S.A. accepts no liability for any loss, damage or claim that the use, or, where appropriate, non-use of these might cause them due to service or access interruption. Consequently, CIMD, S.A. accepts no liability for the content of any link belonging to a third-party website, and does not guarantee the technical availability, quality, reliability, accuracy, extent, truth, validity or constitutionality of the material and information contained in the aforementioned links or other Internet sites.
  5. CIMD, S.A., its administrators, employees, agents and authorised personnel shall not be liable in any way whatsoever for any damage, whether direct, consequential, incidental, special, punitive, loss of profit or any other type (including, albeit not restricted to, liability for loss of use, information or earnings), regardless of the manner in which any action is taken, including, albeit not restricted to, contractual, for negligence or other tort, which arises on account of access to and/or use of the website or the connection to it, its content and the information accessed through it, or owing to its copying, exhibition or any other use.

General Considerations

Headings: the headings or titles in this Disclaimer are used for the purpose of convenience and shall not affect the meaning of the conditions they refer to.

Waiver: any waiving of the powers or rights arising from this Disclaimer by CIMD, S.A. must be expressed in writing. Any omission by CIMD, S.A. to demand of users strict compliance with the terms and conditions herein on one or more occasions shall not be considered in any way as a waiver and shall not deprive CIMD, S.A. of the right to enforce strict compliance of the obligation(s) at a later point in time.

Modification: This Disclaimer can be modified by CIMD, S.A. without any need to notify users beforehand.

Partial nullity: if any of the terms and conditions of this Disclaimer are declared null and void, its remaining terms and conditions shall continue to be valid and therefore unaffected by such a declaration.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

Relations between CIMD, S.A. and users shall be governed by current Spanish law, with the parties hereto agreeing to submit any dispute to the Courts and Tribunals of Madrid.