1. How can we take part in Charity Day?

It’s very simple! All NGOs focusing on childhood and/or medical research are invited to take part in our Charity Day.

2. When is Charity Day held?

It is always held in the first week of December.

3. How can we submit projects for Charity Day?

There are two ways to submit information: either fill out the form on this website or, in the case of Fundación Lealtad Accredited NGOs, via the round of invitations in October. Either way is good.

We remind you that projects submitted must request funding for their activities for one whole year. 

4. Is there a deadline for submitting projects?

Yes, projects can be submitted from 15 September to 31 October, by filling out the form on this website or via the invitation issued by Fundación Lealtad in October.

5. Can we submit several projects?

Yes, you can submit as many projects as you like.

6. Can the projects be outside of Spain?

Yes. We will never turn down a project, although most of our projects take place in Spain and in the two cities where we have offices: Dubai and Lisbon.

7. Can we apply several years running?

Yes, whether you have been selected one year and wish to renew, or were not selected in the previous edition.

8. Who selects the NGO projects to receive funding?

All projects submitted to us are reviewed in mid-November by the Board of Directors of CIMD Group, who, once we know how much money has been raised on Charity Day, decide how the funds are to be allocated.

9. When are the funds handed over?

All donations are handed over in December, allowing projects to be funded from January the following year.